Well hello!  Thank you for stopping by my little piece of the net.  A bit about me:  I’m a wife, mommy, storyteller, pizza connoisseur, homeschooler, horrible baker…the list goes on.  I try to find the beauty in everything while managing my wonderfully chaotic household.  Here you’ll find humorous tales of my family, reviews of things I love, tips for everyday life, updates on whatever I’m creating, and most importantly, whatever God puts on my heart to write about!

Our homeschool mission statement is to grow closer to our Lord Jesus, closer to each other, and to learn about God’s world.  And what an amazing world it is!  From art projects and bedtime stories, to mud pies and messes, everywhere I look there is a story.

Imagination is the only prerequisite of a storyteller, and mine seems to live in overdrive.  God is the originator of it, one look at the sky and it’s easy to see. Three little people: an infant, a toddler, and an elementary aged kid, a pre-preteen if you will, remind me of its importance daily.

So thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll be blessed.

And I mustn’t forget the witty husband and the overly attractive mutt, who’s much too good-looking to not have a pedigree, complete my perfectly imperfect world.



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