10 Things to Do While Ignoring Your Manuscript


1. Record new ideas! Whether I’m using OneNote, my trusty notebook I keep in my purse, or the notes app on my phone, I’m always noting something. Inspiration can strike at random, so be ready.

2. Find something else you’re passionate about, and dive in, whether it’s a new hobby or an online course.

3. Work on your physical self. Exercise, eat right, and find the right supplements that work for you. Good health will benefit you in everything you do.

4. Indulge now and then! (Yes, I know it goes against #3 but, everyone needs to give in once in a while or they’ll go crazy!) When I say indulge, I mean pizza, greasy Mexican food, and baked goods.  A manicure or a new bag may be your cup of tea, however.

5. Unplug! Disconnect from the Internet for a weekend. It’ll make you appreciate quality time with your loved ones, or yourself (which is just as important).

6. Read. And when you’re done, read some more. And not just your guilty pleasures either, read the market you write for.

7. Get some sun. If not for the vitamin D, for those pasty legs (we’re all familiar with the sun’s harmful rays, so wear your sunblock).

8. Watch movies! Binge watch that tv show you’ve eyed! Make some buttery popcorn….ok, now I’m officially contradicting myself.

9. Jump into your next project with force. Write relentlessly without worrying about grammar and structure.

10. Did I mention pizza?

And when you’re done with all that, go give your work a read.  You may just find you’ve missed it.


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