Moth Among Butterflies


It’s easy to get caught up comparing ourselves to the fashion models that fill our Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds.  And sometimes the mirror doesn’t help with our lack of confidence.

A centrally placed zit (thanks new primer), and curls in every direction contribute to my confidence woes at times.  I can do my hair and make-up exactly the same as the day before, only to have it turn out not quite right.  Then there’s the allergies, blah.  If there’s one thing that can make you feel less beautiful, it’s allergies.  Runny nose?  Check.  Itchy throat and eyes?  Check.  It’s easy to feel like a moth among butterflies, a weed among flowers.

Abundant perfect-looking, blemish-free women in the media make us forget the one truth to appearances: outward beauty lies in the eye of the beholder.  I can’t count how many times I’ve pointed out someone’s looks to my husband, only to hear him completely disagree.

If our faces revealed our character, maybe we’d care more about our integrity than our eyebrows.  In a perfect world, right?! (please excuse the idealistic INFP in me).  Until then, put on your confidence like you would your favorite pair of heels, or sneakers, and ROCK IT!  Nothing’s prettier than feeling good in your skin.  Just don’t forget the tissues and nasal spray.


5 thoughts on “Moth Among Butterflies

  1. Hello fellow INFP, homeschooling momma,storyteller, and horrible baker. WHAT? No seriously. That description could have been about me, minus the pizza connoisseur. I do love a good pizza, though!

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