Blurple is a thing.  No, really, just look at this years prom dresses and you’ll see what I mean. The way the two colors blend is actually, kind of magical-looking. But more on that later. There were only three simple, teeny, non life-threatening tasks that I set out to do this week: writing/revising, organizing, and cleaning up my backyard. How many did I complete? Zero, nada, zilch.

For some unknown reason, I decided to fight with the crowds and take the kids shopping on Good Friday. Big mistake. Women were out in groves snatching up every pastel-colored blouse and matching accessory they could find to look their best for Easter Sunday. The sunburnt spring break crowd had returned and teenagers filled the food court.

This was also the day that my shy toddler came out of his shell and chased several innocent little bystanders, all while roaring like a dinosaur. It’s a cute gesture really. Though I doubt the little boy that tripped, while running from him, agreed.

Beautiful candy-colored prom dresses were on full display. A department store sign advertised all the pre-prom necessities that every girl needs. Because it’s just not prom without a fancy sweat suit and tank top to wear before the gown goes on. I can only imagine what’ll be a necessity when, and if, my kids go to the prom.

Our trip was interrupted by a curiously colored, bubble-gum filled sucker that took my daughter’s crown off with a single bite. Thanks Blurple.

Until next time, spring break✌️


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